Do Vibration Collars Work (To Stop Barking)

Whilst a dog’s excessive barking can be an annoyance, if there is no underlying problem and he just likes to bark all day and night, then you will want to do something about it – especially if the neighbors have been complaining.

Do Vibration Collars Work (To Stop Barking)

Whilst a shock collar is not to everyone’s taste, there is an alternative. A vibrating collar can do wonders during the training process, and can help to discourage a dog from barking all the time.

Not only can it help to gain great results, but it can also improve the communication between you and little Fido. Curious to see how it can help you and your beloved pet? Read on to find out more.

How Does The Vibration Collar Work For Barking?

Vibration collars are hugely successful when it comes to controlling excessive barking. This is because it can be used in two ways by the owner depending on what they see is best suited to their pooch.

Unlike the electric type, a vibration collar will send a painless buzz to the dog if they begin barking. In most cases, the pet parent can use a remote to set the vibration on manually so the dog’s attention is taken off the barking.

In some instances, a vibration collar can be set to buzz automatically when the dog barks. This is useful if you are away at work and the dog is noisy during the day.

Vibration And Noise Collars

There is also the option of having a collar that emits a high pitch noise only audible to a dog. Once the dog barks, the noise will alert him that he is doing something wrong and it will make the same impact as the vibration.

However, you may need to make sure that the collar buzzes too because the dog may not hear the noise over excessive barking.

What About A Shock Collar For A Dog?

A shock collar, or electrical vibration collar, is used for the same purpose as a standard vibration collar. The big difference is one is controversial and the other is not, with the former being the one that adds pain to the training process.

The shock collar uses what people say are similar to small electric shocks to control bad behaviour in dogs. Whilst this does have a success rate, it can install fear and unwanted negative effects on a dog.

They are also seen as cruel, with the majority of dog owners believing that this is a type of collar that falls under animal abuse.

If you are wanting to train your dog to stop barking excessively, then a vibration collar may be the way to go. It is safer, and does not inflict pain onto your pooch.

How To Use A Vibration Collar With A Deaf Dog

If your dog has hearing impairments, then a vibration collar is a great option. Whilst with a dog that can hear it is used as a way to stop their barking, it should never be used in the same manner for a dog that cannot hear.

Instead, it is best used for getting their attention, usually followed by a treat. If you do use it to control barking, they can become confused and may even stop responding to the buzz.

Can A Vibration Collar Work To Stop Barking?

In most cases, a vibration collar will work if used correctly, however there are a few instances where the collar might not be as effective.

If you have tried using it and the dog still excessively barks, then there could be an underlying issue. When this is the case, stop using the collar and find out what could be causing the dog to bark.

A dog may also have personality traits that cause the collar to be useless. This could be because of having an anxious pet who is afraid of the collar which will make them bark more, or a stubborn dog who does not want to pay attention to the buzzes.

When Not To Use A Collar

Even though using a vibration collar is generally safe, there are times when it should not be used. This could be if the dog is feeling unwell, if he has just had surgery, or if he is generally in pain.

Other instances include if the dog has any disease or cognitive issues. They may bark a lot anyway, and adding vibrations may confuse them. If you are unsure, always ask your vet for advice.

Can You Use A Vibration Collar Long-Term?

The general advice is to only use a vibration collar in the short-term. It is a good way of training a dog to stop unnecessary barking, but if used over a long period of time, they may get used to the collar and begin to ignore it.

The dog may relapse once the collar has been removed, but it can be used again. Always make sure that it is not used as their constant go-to collar, and only for training purposes to achieve the desired results.

Why A Vibration Collar May Not Work

Whilst using a vibrating dog collar is a simple and welcomed method of dog training, it may not always work. Whilst one dog may find that the vibrations attract their attention, another dog may not care at all.

If a dog is long haired, they may not even be able to feel the vibrations emitted from the collar. This can prove a problem, but instead of shaving all the hair off, it will be much better to try a different solution to the issue.

If not used with care, such as not fastened properly or if worn for too long, the collar can irritate the dog’s skin or well-being. It is worth noting that it will not become their main collar, and should only be used when necessary.

How To Choose A Vibration Dog Collar

If using a vibrating dog collar is something you would like to try, then it is worth knowing what to look for. There are many on the market, so it can prove to be quite the task.

Whilst you may want to save money, do not buy one that is too cheap. Your dog will be wearing it for long periods of time and it needs to be well made and comfortable. If barking is such a big issue, you will want to make sure that what you are buying is made of quality material.

If you plan to use it whilst walking, then it needs to be waterproof. Whilst getting it wet will not harm your dog, it may affect the collar itself.

It also needs to be made of durable material. A dog may pull on it when a lead is attached, and the general movement of the dog may cause it to tear. Buying one that can withstand general daily wear is the best option so it can last for a long time.

Lastly, always make sure that the one you purchase is the correct size for your dog. Choose one just like you would with a general collar. It needs to fit correctly so it does not hurt Fido.

Final Words

If your dog barks a lot and there are no underlying issues, then you might want to invest in a vibration collar. Whilst it does have a high success rate in dogs who excessively bark, it should be used with caution.

For example, if your dog is deaf, only use it to get their attention to avoid confusion and to not stop them communicating with you. If the little pooch is not well, or is in pain, never let them be subjected to the vibrations.

Whilst it is pain free and safer to wear than an electric vibration collar, always use it with care. Hopefully with time, your dog can be trained to stop barking all day. At least the neighbors will be happy!

Daniel Johnson