About Us

One of the most important aspects of owning a dog is ensuring that you are carrying out the correct training techniques. When it comes to using a trainer, or finding information online, there are so many differing opinions. While some people take a firmer approach, other training will focus on positive reinforcement and a gentler approach.

If you are new to dog training, it can be difficult to know which training style is best for your dog, and which method you should adopt. This is something we feel very strongly about here at Agility Events, and we focus solely on positive and gentle training methods.

We do not believe in adverse training methods or punishing a dog because these techniques have been proven to be uncomfortable and inappropriate. Dogs are highly sensitive animals, and should be treated with a high level of respect. A dog’s trust should be gained, and the relationship between the owner and dog is far better when using positive reinforcement and training methods.

Hi, my name is Daniel Johnson, and I am a professional dog trainer that specializes in positive training methods. I have worked with many dogs over the years, and have provided fantastic and improved results for both the owner and the dog. 

When it comes to dog training, it is important for the owner to be taught the simple but correct techniques, and the way in which you communicate with your dog is vital to this process. I recently decided to set up this blog to share my knowledge and skills with a wider audience.

Through Agility Events, I hope to educate owners on all types of training, from agility to obedience. I have discussed everything you will need to know about teaching your dog the correct commands in a positive and safe way.