What Does Champion Sired Mean (Champion Bloodline)

Here’s the thing, we all look at our dog and see them as totally special and unique. We love them dearly and unconditionally, and to us they are truly special.

However, there are some things that identify your dog as being special to other people, yeah we are sad to say that this is people who judge your dog on something other than how their heart is happy when they see your dog.

This is all to do with your dog being champion sired, or coming from a champion bloodline. Read on to find out more about what exactly it means to have a dog that is champion sired.

What Does Champion Sired Mean (Champion Bloodline)

What Does It Really Mean?

Unfortunately, we have to be the bearers of bad news and say that the term champion bloodline or the term champion sired is less remarkable than it actually sounds. 

This is all to do with the standards that purebred dogs are judged by. These certain standards are actually defined by breed organizations and uniformly recognized by governing bodies.

So, this is where representatives of a particular dog breed have to meet these certain criterias and standards in order to be considered as champion sired.

It is highly unlikely that you will have a litter where all of the puppies conform to the standards of being champion sired. In fact, each litter will undoubtedly contain a mix of characteristics that are wanted and also unwanted.

There should be one or maybe two dogs who meet or even exceed the criteria that qualify them to be classed as champion sired. Sadly, their siblings might not be able to follow suit and so they will sadly be left behind.

By left behind, we actually mean that the puppy will become someone’s family pet – they just will not be up to strutting around in competitions. There are cases where champion sired dogs actually end up having their own litters of puppies that are not show-stopping champion sired dogs.

Yeah, these litters can end up being completely lovable but not quite up to the standards of a champion sired dog.

The term ‘champion bloodline’ means that at some particular point in time, this could be generations before your puppy was even dreamed of, there was a true champion dog in the mix that has contributed to your puppy’s genetic makeup.

This champion sired dog would have met and more than likely it would have surpassed all breed standards. These qualities could show up again in future generations, it is all part of the reproductive cycle. 

Here’s the thing, there is no guarantee on what genes will be passed along the line and when these genes will resurface. This is pretty much down to luck, you will not know when these desirable traits will resurface – but know that eventually these genes will resurface.

You can relate this to human reproduction, say for instance if your great, great grandfather trekked across Antarctica, that does not mean that his grandson will have the energy to play out in the snow.

These traits might resurface after generations, but there is absolutely no guarantee when this will happen.

Talking About The Dog Bloodline

When it comes to your dog, its bloodline is no more than its family tree. The way that you can work out if your puppy is champion sired is through tracing back beyond their parents and grandparents, you really need to dig back for some generations.

So, a pedigreed dog has got to have a minimum of five generations that are listed within its bloodline.

The thing with a puppy is that their bloodline will tell you more than just parentage, in fact, the bloodline of a puppy will give you information about their temperament, their personality traits, and it will also tell you how many shows an animal has won.

Breeders that are particularly conscientious will thoroughly review and analyse bloodline when they are looking for prospective mates.

If as a breeder you are wanting puppies that are of competition quality, then the breeder would know to consult all the numbers – the priorities would definitely be how many shows have been won.

The more recent these numbers roll in then the more likely that any offspring will be of the same quality. Consulting the bloodlines thoroughly will also enable you to eliminate any health conditions that dogs of the breed are susceptible to.

By doing this, as a breeder you should be able to avoid the puppy from inheritable deficits that can continue to be passed onto future generations. In fact, a puppy’s disposition and temperament will also be influenced pretty heavily by the genetics within the family.

So, puppies that are really gentle and very affectionate will tend to breed puppies that are of the same temperament. This is a pretty desirable quality in pets, especially pets who will be in competitions as well as family homes. 

The True Meaning Behind A Dog Being A Champion

So, you might now be wondering after all this information on what exactly champion sired dogs are, what it actually takes to make a dog a champion. In all honesty it takes quite a lot for your dog to be considered a champion on the bloodline.

Just having a single success in competition or in any kind of major dog show will not cut it enough to make a dog a champion.

In fact, a dog has to appear in a lot of competitions, and it really has to work hard to accumulate a whole lotta points to gain the status of being a champion.

The points that your dog would need to be a champion are decided by the governing body of the country in which an animal competes, however this can really vary worldwide. On the whole it is best to consider them as all being pretty stringent.

A puppy who becomes successful in gaining the title of being a champion gets added to its registered name, and so it becomes a truly great representative of its breed.

The Two Different Kinds Of A Champion

There are actually two different types of a champion when it comes to dogs. There is a conformation champion and a performance champion. 

When we say conformation champion, we are referring to a dog that has showcased and highlighted itself in a way that really encapsulates the perfect standards, criteria and qualities of the breed.

The dog should do this in the way that it looks, in its temperament and also in how fit and healthy it is.  When we talk about a performance champion, we are referring to a dog that has earned this status through skill.

A performance champion will have demonstrated some sort of superiority when it comes to their physical abilities, they will perform above and beyond the realm of what is considered to be normal.

These kinds of competitions will test your dog in a lot of different ways – after all, they cannot just become a performance champion from minimal effort.

They will have to show that they are especially obedient and that they are physically pretty agile.

On the whole, a champion sired dog can stem from a variety of aspects – be it that they are genetically champion sired or be it that they perform exceptionally well for their breed.

Either way, as a breeder there is a lot of research that you can do in order to ensure that you will have a pretty good chance at siring a champion.

Daniel Johnson